Deep Well Pump to pump water from Deep wells up to 265 ft. Utilizes two cylinder for double action water strokes. Proudly Made in the USA.

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ELIMINATES FALSE WELL PIT – The pump fits inside a 3-inch or larger well casing thus eliminating the undesirable, unsanitary false well pit.

DOUBLE-ACTING – Pumps water on both up and down strokes, equalizing the load and giving a steady, even flow of water.

ANTI-FREEZING – The force cylinder is located four feet down inside the well casing and is drained at the that point. This is below the frost line to eliminate the danger of freezing.

SUBMERSIBLE CYLINDER COMPATIBLE – Designed to work with a submersed cylinder.

FORCE PUMP – Pump is ideal for yard use in forcing water to house and barn. Capable of working against 60 pounds of pressure; designed for extra heavy work

ADJUSTABLE – Available to mount to existing platform, 4″ Well or 6″ Well Cap,  Offset well cap is available to work with submersible pump.

Most commonly to add a pump to a well that has an existing electric pump you must use the Model 50A version of the 50L.