• Complete turnkey package, ready for operation.
  • For dry (grain, beans, spices, feed) or wet (tofu, poi, oily) materials.
  • Especially suited for grains, seeds, beans, spices, coffee, feed pellets and similar sized material.
  • Adjustable for coarse to fine grinding (300-800 lbs. per hour or more)!

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Features include:

    • Fully wired 5hp motor, starter and 25ft. plugged power cord
    • Base frame with adjustable motor mounting bracket
    • Safety belt guard and V-drive package
    • Adjustable feed hopper (available in 1 or 3 bushel capacity)
    • Mobile base frame with or without elevated legs
    • Includes one pair each coarse and fine special alloy grinding burrs
    • Stainless Steel/Nickel Plating also available in Milpa package
  • Operates on 220v-single phase. 3 phase and International electrical available.
  • Also available as Basic Mill only.