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wheat thrasher

Turning small grains, oats, wheat and rye into bread and other food is a complex enterprise.  Small grains are relatively easy to grow, but gathering, threshing and grinding on a small scale have, up until now, been somewhat problematic.  There is no combine available for a half acre patch.  We suggest that you cut your small patch of grain with a scythe, thrash the heads with our foot-powered thresher like the Asian culture has done for centuries and select any one of our numerous grain mills to complete the process.
A small amount of grain processed into flour or oatmeal on a recipe batch basis is often much better than grinding 50 pounds at a time.  The scythe, the thrasher and the grain mill are the correct scale for small farmers.  They provide a measure of independence that goes hand in hand with the appropriateness of subsistence farming.  This wheat thresher has a foot-powered spinning reel that knocks the grain out of the head of wheat and pours out the side.  

Our thresher is made by a Tennessee small farmer, and we are booking orders now.    Please call to order as we will have to arrange custom shipping.

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