Imagine life with a pace that is slower and a purpose that is simple. The Back to the Land Store offers a community-based, family-oriented approach to healing and restoring our natural surroundings.  We offer windmills, water pumps, grain mills, cookstoves, and much more!  By breathing new life into old ideas and techniques, nature is invited to play its desired role in providing for the necessities of life. Grind your own wheat to make flour with our top of the line grain mills, pump your own water from a source you know and trust with our state-of-the-art water pumps, use the power of the wind to make work easier with a custom Aermotor windmill and provide both nourishment and heat with our wide variety of cookstoves.  Our products welcome you to a new journey with a clear vision to get back to simplicity, back to nature, back to family, Back to the Land.

Farming Supplies

Get back to the balance of nature with supplies that will pamper, restore and rebuild the glory of farming.  Utilize our horse-drawn implement and tool components along with our broke-the-best draft animals and see how rewarding it is to go Back to the Land.

Agricultural Products

Think green with our incredible line of environmentally conscious agricultural supplies.  From open pollinated seed to nature’s very best produce, our products offer the assurance that if you work the land, the land will work for you.

Basic Equipment

Embrace your pioneer spirit with equipment that will create pure, simple, trustworthy results.  From our exquisite hand-operated water pumps to grain mills and cook stoves, arrive at a place outside the box of consumerism and within the warm embrace of the land.

Kitchen & Home

Get back to nature with kitchen and home materials designed to enhance your creative cooking experiences.  Learn to use nature’s yield in order to produce delicious, healthy results. Learn all about the basics of going “Back to the Land” through Pam Smith’s seminars.

The Back to the Land Store is located on the corner of Jim and Pam Smith’s 220-acre farm in beautiful Erin, Tennessee. The Smiths have personal experience with every single item offered for sale.  From the corner of their farm, you can see their working Aermotor windmill, hear the hum of their grain mill preparing flour, see the water pumps demonstrated and enjoy the comfort of both heat and aroma from their beautiful cookstove – and while the catalog is still growing, The Back to the Land Store will “shop” for you to locate products you may desire. We invite you to come and see us. If you want to talk about cookstoves, grain mills, bread, and cheese, see Pam (also check out her seminars). If you want to talk about windmills, buggy horses, and deep well water pumps, see Jim.

We can’t wait to welcome you Back to the Land!

The Back to the Land Store
545 Salmon Branch Road Erin, TN 37061
931.764.0034 -or- Toll-Free 1.866.764.0034

Store Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00 Central Time  (Saturday by appointment only)